March 2018

The Human Note in Business

Rotary Means Business Fellowship

“The Human Note in Business - has struck a new chord of friendly cooperation”

- So leads an article written in December 1927 for THE ROTARIAN, a monthly periodical published for members of Rotary International.  The author of the article was Edward R. Kelsey of Toledo.  in 1918, at just 39 years old, Rotarian Kelsey became Second Vice President of The International Association of Rotary Clubs, what is now Rotary International.

Rotary Club of Burlington Lakeshore

From their website: Rotary Burlington Lakeshore is a group of dynamic men and women who enjoy fellowship - and are dedicated to making a difference in our local community and the world through local and international projects or by helping local people in need or by supporting charities that work locally to help even more people throughout Burlington and Halton.

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Front of Box

A Sturdy Foundation - 1989

"A Sturdy Foundation" tells the exciting story of the history, development and programs of The Rotary Foundation.  Delivered by R.I. Past President Dr. Edward F. Cadman, it is both a report and an inspirational presentation.


Video is a production of Rotary International from 1989, they retain all rights and privileges to it.

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Rotary's Camp Florida

Rotary's Camp Florida - 15 Minutes from the Early Days

Rotary's Camp Florida and the Rotary Club of Clearwater East have a long relationship with each other, going back to the earliest days of the camp.  We found this little gem in the archives of one of our past members; Richard "Dick" Bell.  Dick was one of the Rotarians that guaranteed the mortgage for the camp and he and wife Audrey were instrumental in getting that same mortgage paid off in record time.

We'll come back to it later and transcribe it here; however, we wanted to get it shared for everyone to enjoy.

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