Week Two - October 23, 1970

Week Two - October 23, 1970

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The Sparkler was the weekly newsletter of the Rotary Club of East Clearwater (now Clearwater East, but that story is for another day).  Digital Copies of all Sparklers are being made to preserve them and we will be bringing back the highlights from over the years, dug out of the club archives.

In October of 1970, the newly chartered Rotary Club of East Clearwater met at the Knollwood Restaurant at Morningside, Fridays, at 12:15 PM.


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The Sparkler

Volume 1 - Number 2  -- October 23, 1970

Officers (1970-71)

  • President: John R. Sanders
  • Vice President: Clinton B. Holden
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Stephen A. Cameron
  • Sergeant At Arms: Ernie Thomas
  • Asst. Sergeant At Arms: Jim Vinson


  • Stephen A. Cameron
  • Everett J. Daniel
  • Clinton B. Holden
  • C. Ray Mink
  • Albert L. Rogero, Jr
  • John R. Sanders
  • Jack L. Vuncannon

Nearby Clubs

  • Largo, Met for lunch at the Golden Horseshoe Restaurant
  • Dunedin, Met for lunch at McKown's Restaurant
  • Clearwater, Met for lunch at the Fort Harrison Hotel
  • Clearwater Beach, Met for lunch at the Clearwater Yacht Club
  • St. Petersburg, Met for lunch at the Princess Martha Hotel

The highlight of the issue was that the Clearwater Rotary Ann Club had chosen "Latin Fiesta" as teh theme for their annual party.  It was to be held on November 7th at 6:30 PM at the Hilton Inn.  The cost was a jaw dropping $15 per couple!

Roster of Members

  1. C. Neal Alexander, III (Casket Sales)
  2. Stephen A. Cameron (Life Insurance)
  3. LeROY J. Carlson (Investment Service)
  4. Charles F. Curtis (General Contractor)
  5. Everett J. Daniel (Paint Manufacturing)
  6. J.R. David (Electrical Engineering)
  7. Ellis Lee Graves (Christianity, Protestantism)
  8. George W. Harmony, Jr. (Wholesale Lumber)
  9. Clinton B. Holden (Funeral Directing)
  10. John W. Irwin (Roofs, Decks)
  11. Jack Kennedy (Furniture, Retailing)
  12. Philip W. Leeber (Hospital Administration)
  13. Charles D. Mason (Citrus Processing Equipment Mfg.)
  14. C. Ray Mink (Accounting Services)
  15. Joseph R. Pukach (Education Administration)
  16. Harry F. Roberts (Drugs, Retailing)
  17. Albert L. Rogero, Jr. (Real Estate Law)
  18. John R. Sanders (Banking)
  19. Thomas R. Seither (Banking Security Equipment Mfg.)
  20. S.R. Stollmack (Concrete Products, Retail)
  21. Ernest L. Thomas (Automobile Retailing, Used)
  22. James C. Vinson (Real Estate)
  23. Jack L. Vuncannon (Land Development)

Committees (Sub)

  • Club Service
    • Attendance
    • Fellowship
    • Rotary Information
    • Classification
    • Membership
    • Sergeant At Arms
    • Club Bulletin
    • Program
  • Vocational Service
    • Employer-Employee Relations
    • Four Way Test
    • Trade/Professional Relations
  • Community Service
    • Student Guests
  • International Service
    • Rotary Foundation